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Working Group

To initiate the development of ABCDNet, a technical working group was established during the founding meeting in 2013. The working group proposed governance structure, working structure and road map of the development of ABCDNet in future years.

Name                               Role                        Institute

Keping Ma                      Co-chair      Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

K N Ganeshaiah             Co-chair     University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Bangalore India

Nakul Chettri                  Member      International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

Dedy Darnaedi               Member      RC Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Liliya Dimeyeva              Member      Institute of Botany& Phytointroduction, Kazakhstan

Eun-Shik Kim                  Member      Kookmin University, Republic of Korea

Ding Wang                      Member      Chinese National Committee for MAB                    

Sheila Gorosin Vergara   Member      ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity

Chunquan Zhu                 Member     IUCN China Office